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Illustrator, photographer, designer

Mar AlaVirulé / Freelance Visual Artist

Own projects and custom work for individuals and companies.

Born in 1986 my name means "The sea" in Spanish and is not a coincidence I was born in a Mediterranean city: Barcelona.

My work revolves around drawing and photography, both separately, and in their union using mixed techniques.
I like to create new worlds and change existing ones, hence my curiosity to mix photography with drawing and painting.

I find inspiration through life experiences, people met on the road and the thoughts and emotions i felt. The protagonists of my works are usually women, the color of the sea and characters or imaginary places that appear in my mind and won't leave.

One of my greatest passions is traveling around the world, having the chance to get to know new places, cultures, faces, colours, feelings.

I am currently back in Barcelona. So, If you want to have a nice photographic report, illustrations, concept art or characters' design for your project, if you need a banner for your website, a poster for your business or for an event, flyers, business cards or an animation, if you would like to have original and different souvenirs or renew image of your business, do not hesitate to contact me! Whether you are or not in Barcelona. Have a look at this website and you will find such an amount of possibilities. There is only one premise: let your imagination fly!


¡Enjoy wandering around my world,!

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Illustrator, photographer and designer in Formentera, Barcelona and Sevilla
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